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Get rid of cables.. but be careful

As you can probably tell by now, wireless is everywhere.  In most public places you see WIFI. But please be aware, the dangers of WiFi are out there.

The research I have seen shows that free wireless public networks located in airports and other public places are ripe for exploitation by hackers. You innocently launch a free available network, and you will quickly see far more advertised available WiFi spots than are sanctioned by the airport, or its tenants.

These are typically consumers’ computers attempting to connect. The ability to set up fake “free” WiFi” hotspot in public places and potentially use them to steal sensitive data, such as online banking passwords or personal information, is alarmingly easy to do. In fact, hacker Web sites provide instructions on how such frauds can be accomplished.

What can you do to protect yourself? Before connecting to a network, look around and locate a sign that advertises the network you are connecting to and verify that the network name (SSID) you are connecting to is a legitimate service.