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10,000 books for less than $10 a month

Oyster has launched and as of right now you have to be invited in order to download this app.This app is currently only available to iPhone users. This service is the first paid for service to office books in the same way that Netflix offers movies and Spotify offers music.

Oyster has made two promises to the users. This service will be very easy to use and you will discover books and stories that you would not have ran into any other way. This will be similar to how Netflix offers you choices of different movies or T.V. shows based on what you have previously watched.

There are a number of features that will keep you coming back to use this app over and over. The last 10 books that you view will be downloaded and available offline, just in case you cannot get an Internet signal. The book recommendation engine will be able to determine how much time you have spent reading a particular book to better determine how you felt about the book.

You can browse on over to Oyster’s website to sign up for an invitation now, to better your chances of being invited. They have not said yet why they have not just posted the app to the store and are only offering the app by invitation. It would be nice to see this technology grow and not get squandered by Apple users.