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Cyber Crime Big Business

A new study just released by Symantec shows that over the last 12 months cyber crime has cost consumers and businesses alike upwards of $110 billion. While this figure may seem quite high the average cost per person that becomes infected is roughly $197 and when looking at figures from within the United States it increases to $290.

With cyber crime through malware being such a big money maker for criminals worldwide it is easy to see why there is so much malware out, and why it is constantly changing. One way malware has changed in the past few years is the way it is presented. Malware used to be common to find in free downloads, and it still is, but now criminals are targeting social networks since it is so easy to gain someone’s trust using an account of one of their friends.

We offer a Managed antivirus solution that offers very high detection rates. Currently we offer this to businesses but will soon be gearing up and offering it to our home users as well so keep an eye out!

To read the report from Symantec click here.