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7ev3n: Beware Of The Next Big Ransomware

7ev3n Is The Next Big Threat

There is a new ransomware that has surfaced and unless you possess the know-how, you may be in for a doozy. Readers may remember Cryptowall or other ransomware we’ve mentioned and this one, named “7ev3n,” is fundamentally the same.

7ev3n will lock you out of your system, encrypt your files, and even disable recovery options, effectively leaving most users helpless. To unlock your computer, you only need to pay them a hefty fee of 13 bitcoin — or $4,945.33 in the USD equivalent. That’s assuming they don’t continue to plague you further.

How will you know if you have been infected? Easy. If you see this screen:


You have been infected with 7ev3n.

Please, please, please DO NOT give into their demands. We know it’s tempting to pay the hefty fee out of panic, but we strongly advise that you remain calm and bring your PC to your trusted IT support company instead. There’s no guarantee that they’ll release your files; often, these scammers will take the money and destroy the key anyway.

How can you prevent 7ev3n? As always, be on alert for suspicious emails or websites you don’t recognize the URL (website address). Clicking on questionable links is the easiest way to get stuck with a problem like this. By not clicking on URLs/links you don’t recognize or by deleting emails from senders you don’t know (without opening them, of course), you may be annoyed that you can’t sate your curiosity, but you can prevent costly infections and ransomwares and keep your files safe.

If you do get infected with 7ev3n, give Tech Experts a call. We can take care of this one for you. We have the tools, the know-how, and the people who can get the job done.