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Carbon Nano-tube Processors To Increase Performance in Computing.

It is known that computers are getting smaller all of the time. This is because all of the components in the computers are able to get smaller and smaller. About 20 years ago a 4 GB hard drive would take up enough space to fill up a large room wall-to-wall. Now you get over 32 GB in less than the size of most adults finger nails.

New technology has been developed in Palo Alto California. They have developed the smallest processing chips yet. Designed from carbon nanotubes that have dropped in size from 1 micron to 22 nanometers.

They refer to this as coming complete. We are no able to start a new lever of microprocessing. In lay-mans terms the CPU that powers your desktop computers are going to be able to fit into a smart phone sized device soon.  To give you an idea of how large 22 nanometers is, You can spread 4,000 22 nanometer segments across the width of a human hair.

The new processing will also have another new break-through. This is simultaneous processing on a single-core. The processors can actually handle processing two things at once. Right now it seems like our computers can do this, but they cannot. Currently each core of a processor can only process one thing at a time, and if you have two cores you can process two things at once because each core can process 1 thing at a time. The new technology will allow each core to process multiple items at a single time. This project is still built on the industry standard silicon, this extends the life of silicon computing.