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ALERT: New Website Backup Scam

Unfortunately, we have the sad duty of reporting yet another Internet related scam targeting small businesses.

This latest fraud comes via postal mail as a very official looking invoice from a company called “Website Backup,” although if you check carefully, the word “invoice” doesn’t appear anywhere on the document. The mailing looks as though it is for backup services for your website, and counts on unsuspecting business owners to process it for payment.

website-backup-scamIt is similar to domain, copier toner, and other phishing attempts we’ve seen in the past. The combination of looking “official” plus seeming to be related to a company’s website often tricks companies into thinking it is legitimate and then paying the invoice.

If you receive one of these in the mail, simply throw it away.

Please give us a call at 734-457-5000, or send an email to, if you have any questions or concerns about this or any other IT security issue.