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Microsoft Looking to Crush the Chromebook Market

c479437_mIt seems Microsoft took note of the 5 million Chromebooks sold.

Microsoft is set to release two new laptop lines to the market this year.  To most people, this is not very newsworthy. What is newsworthy is that Microsoft plans to target the business segment created by Google and their Chromebook. Microsoft is planning on releasing two laptop models running Windows 10 with projected retail price points of $149 and $179.

Microsoft is well aware of the frugality of emerging markets and shoppers. The lower price points will make the laptops more appealing to even the most price conscious shoppers. Microsoft is convinced that the ability to run a full Windows operating system on a lower-dollar laptop will allow them to not only dent the Chromebook market, but establish a strong foothold as well.

With the adaptation to lower priced equipment, Microsoft is looking at OEM manufacturers now to move away from the Chrome OS to a Windows platform. The new laptop models are expected to boost Windows 10 sales by showing off the full functionality of the operating system.

Currently, Microsoft has Windows 10 set for release in mid-2015.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)