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Alert: Windows 10 Upgrade Email Scam

windows 10New Ransomware Disguised as Windows 10 Launcher

You may have already received the Windows 10 upgrade notifications on your PC. You many not want it, but it’s not going anywhere and you’ll get it soon enough.

However, be cautious with your emails.

There is a fake Windows 10 upgrade email floating around the Internet, which contains a program that looks similar to the Windows 10 launcher. Hackers are using this to extort money from unsuspecting users that want the new operating system.

Hackers have modified this software to act similar to CryptoLocker, which is ransomware that encrypts information on your local PC. The only way to recover from this is to pay a hefty price for the decryption key and it’s not guaranteed that hackers will even release the key once they’ve been paid. Many businesses fall prey to this because it comes in the form of a shipping label or invoice that may appear to be legitimate. We always urge clients to never open emails from unknown senders. When you come across these emails, you should immediately delete the email.

Of course, with a good email solution, you won’t be receiving this message. A powerful spam blocking solution is capable of keeping spam messages out of your inbox almost indefinitely, meaning that you have little to worry about from the average phishing attack. Still, if a hacker wants to scam you bad enough, they’ll find a way to get through your security measures and attack you directly, in the form of a targeted spear phishing attack.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)