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Marshmallow: Not Just For S’mores

marshmallowThe Next Android Software Release Has Been Named

Google has announced that Marshmallow is the name of the next Android software release. Due out sometime this fall, Marshmallow continues Android’s tradition of naming their software after candies and sweets.

The release will offer new apps such as Android Pay and Now On Tap.

Now On Tap will allow you to hold your home button to access Google Now, your digital assistant. Now On Tap will also allow access to their massive data collection that will provide information — some useful, some not — to app users. According to CNET, the assistant is an intelligent program that pays attention to your location and plans. In example, it can show “the location of a gas station when you’re driving back to the car rental lot before your flight,” which Google knows based on your reservations and location.

There’s also Android Pay, a reworked mobile payment service, that will let users pay for purchases in apps, as well as retail store fronts, with their phones. It was quoted to be compatible with 700,000 vendors once launched.

Additionally, Marshmallow includes features such a lower power mode called Doze, customizable app permissions (similar to iOS’s current set-up), and the use of USB Type-C charging cables that can also charge other devices.

Even with the new apps and features, Google will still face an uphill battle to get Marshmallow out to their customers once it’s officially released. With only an estimated 18% of all Android smart phone users using their current release, Lollipop, that leaves 80% of the Android market still using JellyBean and KitKat. The biggest reason is that phone manufactures are slow to release the newest software version to their customers. Apple, on the other hand, estimates 85% of it’s users are using the newest iOS8 release on it’s devices.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)