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Anonymous More to Come in 2013

The hacking group Anonymous that hacked many organizations in 2012 says they’re not done yet. The group created a video outlining some of its future targets in 2013 as well. While Anonymous is has not always been clear who Anonymous targeted in the past, many of their targets were publicized.

Anonymous attacked a number of high profile targets in 2012 that were confirmed. Some of the various organizations they targeted are: The U.S. Department of Justice, the FBI, Universal Music, as well as a slew of other organizations here in the U.S. They even went as far as to attack other governments such as Syria because of their shutdown of the Internet there.

While Anonymous says they will be a large threat in 2013 some don’t believe this to be the case. McAfee claims that Anonymous’ lack of organization will make them fade away in the year to come, they do however say that some of this will be due to better more advanced hackers taking the spotlight.

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