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ATT Goes 5G– Sorry, “5G E”

ATTATT is no stranger to unique and often misleading marketing ploys.

In 2012, ATT and Apple pushed updates to the iPhones. This update rolled out after ATT had launched its 4G network. The update removed the 4S from the top of the screen and changed it to 4G, indicating ATT’s move to it’s new 4G service.

The problem is that both ATT and Apple were lying. ATT did make the jump in 2012 and launched their 4G network. The Apple update did not change anything. The phones were not capable of using the 4G technology, but in a marketing ploy, this was added to confuse consumers.

So here we are again in 2019. ATT has been raving about its “5G E” network. The branding is something to pay attention to. They have not made the jump to 5G. In fact, the regulations for 5G have not even been released yet, thus having a 5G network would be impossible.

ATT calls it 5G Evolution and they can get away with it, as it is a brand name. People are being led to believe that they are going to be experiencing this “NEW” 5G technology, which is not 5G at all.

It isn’t new either. They’re using 4×4 MIMO antennae and amplitude modulation to increase the speed of its current 4G network. T-Mobile has been using this technology since 2016.

The worst part: Apple is on board again. The newest roll-out of updates now show the 5G E in the corner. This is misleading, and many people continue to think they are experiencing new technology.

The practice of “branding” something to appear to be cutting edge technology is questionable at best, and I believe this will actually hurt both companies in the long run.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)