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Augmented Reality: Changing Our Lives

Making Virtual History

Let’s rewind about 20 years. Smart phones were something that existed alongside of flying cars, robotic maids, and X-ray vision.

A couple years ago, augmented reality was in the same place that smart phones were in. Now, augmented reality is often talked about in articles, on websites, and in day-to-day conversations. Augmented reality is becoming part of mobile applications, gaming, and even medical applications.

Shop from anywhere, for anything

Now, the shopping industry is taking hold.

You can now use augmented reality to shop for apparel or home furnishings. Users can download apps and turn on their mobile camera to show a person or room. Then the application can put different articles of clothing or furniture on the person as a filter.

This means you can see what you would look like with that fedora on or that expensive designer suit. You can also use the application to remodel your living room or another part of your house. You can see if that theater-style seating sectional would look good in your living room or what your kitchen would look like with the latest stainless steel appliances.

Augmented reality is also being used in sales. Take car shopping, for instance. Instead of shopping local, you can find the exact model of car you are looking for and contact the dealer that has that car. With an augmented virtual tour, you can “sit” in the car and “experience” all of its features.

With the technology and applications of augmented reality advancing every day, it’s hard to say what the next latest application could be.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)