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August Smart Lock

The august smart lock is new to the electronic lock industry, but it is quickly turning peoples eyes. This is very easy to setup and as long as your door is compatible then setup should only take about 10 minutes and requires only a screwdriver. You only replace the interior side of your deadbolt for the installation as well.

Once installed you will be able to open your door easily via a Smart Phone or pre-programmed blue-tooth device. You can give access to others that need access to your house by giving them the credentials to the smart phone app. The lock runs on AA batteries and has a battery level meter on the internal side of the lock. It is low-profile, it only sticks out a little less than two inches.

If you cannot use a blue tooth to unlock the lock because you do not have your phone or it died, you can always unlock the door in the traditional key entry fashion. The power meter on the inside will visibly let you know when the power level is decreasing. This way you will know in advance if the electronic portion of the lock will or will not work when you return.

The lock is available from August Locks and costs $199.99. This lock will make throwing your next party more fun and secure. You will be able to send out invitations to give people temporary access to your lock.