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Best Personal Project Management Tools

When your to-dos turn into projects, you need a tool that can help you organize all of the work you have to do, the work others have to do, and when it all needs to get done. Something bigger than a to-do list, but still easy to use.

Project management tools geared towards businesses and large groups are easy to find, but it’s a little trickier to find good tools that individuals or small groups can use without spending a ton of money. Especially if you only need to organize a small work project, a home renovation, a family reunion, or something on that order.

Here’s a personal favorite that I’ve been using: Trello
Because it’s just so dang simple. Based on the column or silos of Kanban, I find it indispensable when it comes to tracking my projects. You’d be amazed at how flexible Trello is when it comes to what you can do with boards, cards and tasks.

A few other contenders
Dependencies, sorted tasks, keyboard shortcuts, drag-and-drop organization, it’s all here, and it looks pretty good to boot. Adding projects is easy, and you can invite people to see what you’re working on if you need to. Plus it’s free for individuals, which is really nice, and makes it easy to use for personal projects without spending a dime!

In all the years I have been working I have never found a better way to keep everything organized and easy to access so I can bring it out and use it when needed. All the tools out there can easily be pulled together just using the different options available in Evernote today.

For you Geeks out there: HabitRPG
Habit tracker + daily activities tracker + todos tracker + RPG Elements
It’s a habit building program which treats your life like a Role Playing Game (RPG)

What else do we need?