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New Bill Potentially Damaging to the Internet

There is a new bill that has been introduced in the House of Representatives last month that could damage the Internet as we know it.

SOPA, or the “Stop Online Piracy Act”, was designed with good intentions in mind. The goal of the bill is to force ISP’s and DNS providers to remove entries of websites or block access to websites identified as allowing piracy to take place via court orders from the Justice Department.

Many companies that provide DNS services (the services that translate a website url such as to its servers IP address) do not want this to pass as it forces them to police their DNS entries. DNS providers state that the way this bill is currently written will cause a lot of damage to the DNS system that everyone uses which could potentially make it unreliable.

While DNS providers agree something needs to be done about piracy on the internet as it is clearly hurting artists, production companies, software providers, etc. they feel that this bill is going about it in the wrong manner.

There are many other opinions on the implications of this bill as well ranging from the stability of the DNS system as stated above, to the security of the United States Internet services, to possible job loss created by US DNS companies moving overseas to avoid such laws. It appears at this point that this bill has too many problems with it to become a law..

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