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Bing to Overtake Google Search Engine

Bing is planning on taking the majority of searches performed on the Internet. They are planning on making the Bing Search engine the go to search engine for all schools. This would include kindergarten through high school.

As of right now 34 school districts are already using Windows 8 and only Bing as a search engine. Bing allows the school to customize the search experience by removing advertisements and adding special learning features and enhanced privacy control.

This is not a smear campaign like Scroogled was with Google. This is just another way of generating revenue that is very popular right now. Other companies are taking steps to get their product in the hands of our youth. Apple has just signed a contract with the L.A. School district for $30 million. This will put iPads in the hands of every student in the L.A. School district.

Microsoft is using Bing and the Microsoft Surface tablet in much the same way as Apple.

Microsoft announced they will be giving away 10,000 Surface Tablets to teachers this year. I think this is a good way to get consumers comfortable with your products. They are handing these out to children, which are impressionable. They will grow up with these products and purchase them later because it will be “What they have always used.”