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No More Facebook Snooping by Employers

Facebook, everyone’s favorite social networking site has long been used to post pictures of friends, family, get togethers, etc. but in more recent years it has also had a dual purpose. Since users of Facebook tend to put their entire lives out on the Internet using Facebook, or at least a lot more of it then they probably should employers have begun to catch on to this.

When employers first began using Facebook for research of potential employees they just went to Facebook and browsed as much of your profile as they could. Since many users are starting to get savvier and marking their profiles private so only friends can see them, employers began asking for passwords as part of the hiring process, and in some cases just to be able to view employees Facebook pages in general.

Now, several states have banned the practice of allowing employers from asking for users passwords and have made it against the law all together. Among the states that have made this law so far; California and Illinois have joined the ranks of Michigan, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware.

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