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Bitglass: New Cloud Solution For Enterprises

Bitglass has secretly made its way into the Enterprise market for security-based cloud computing. Just last year Bitglass raised over $10 million from Series A funding. The main goal of Bitglass is to focus on the shift of going to Cloud computing from on-premise computing. Bitglass is considered to be Software-as-a-Service (SAAS).

With Bitglass, businesses will be able to not only secure and protect data, but also track the usage of sensitive information on mobile devices such as laptop and Smartphones. This is a big jump for information security since as of now we commonly can only either lock or wipe a phone to prevent further access to company data. This can be taxing on the employees that actually own the device. When a phone is wiped,  all of the user data is lost including personal pictures, calls, messages, and contacts.

Bitglass is the solution.

Nat Kausik (CEO) decided that retirement was not right for him yet, and decided to take on his fifth start-up. He said “I tried retiring…but it was boring. What can I tell you? I enjoy building companies.”

Kausik said that Kahol contacted him with an idea for a security solution that would keep data protected in the Cloud. He realized while working on security for another firm that they are going about this all backwards since much of the world was headed to the Cloud and mobile devices.

Cloud-hosted data today does not even need to touch the company network, it can go directly from Cloud storage like Google Apps directly to a device on the Internet. This data needs to be able to be monitored and protected.

Currently there is not much protection, encryption, and tracking on data that is stored and accessed off-site. Any protection and encryption right now will come from a client-device that will have to be installed on the local workstation in order to access company files.

While this works it also usually lessens the privacy of the device owner which is usually an employee. When the software to protect company data is installed, there are options to wipe all data, lock the phone, track the phone, view installed apps, or even see phone calls and messages.

Bitglass changes all of this. You can download your company data and it will be encrypted in transit and at rest. If the company decides to wipe your device then only the company data will be deleted. Personal information will stay personal. Bitglass works with existing single-sign-on (SSO) services, once you are authenticated you can seamlessly and securely access all websites using those credentials.

Bitglass is priced reasonably at $10 per user per month, and customer generally sign annual contracts.