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EXE Errors And Fixes

When computer errors occur, you may be on your own in solving them. Your only cue may be a strange error message with even stranger codes that are displayed on your computer screen. In these situations, you have two choices in combating this error terror. The first choice may seem easy, just pick up the phone and call your friendly neighborhood computer expert to resolve the problem. The only problem with this choice is that this is not a permanent solution and more importantly, it costs on average $110 for the help of a computer expert.

The second choice is slightly more involved, but promises a greater degree of computer nirvana. Face the problem on your own by equipping yourself with the proper knowledge and tools. This article is an effort in the pursuit to help you fix computer errors on your own.

One of the most common errors that you may face on your computer are exe errors. These are generated by program executable files that are used by applications to run codes on your computer and perform various functions. Let us have a look at some of the common causes of exe errors and what you can do to fix and prevent them.

  • A sudden appearance of exe errors on a computer may occur if your system is infected with a virus. Many virus files infect the program executables and prevent them from working normally. When your system is infected with any such virus, you may not be able to use any applications and you may repeatedly receive exe errors. To fix exe errors in this case, you need to perform a thorough full system scan of your PC and get rid of all infections. To do this, you need to use an updated antivirus tool.
  • Igfxtray.exe and avgrsx.exe errors may occur if you fail to update the software that uses these files. Manufacturers of software products release these updates to patch up any bugs in their products and incorporate any new enhancements. Failure to install these updates may generate exe and other errors and even expose your computer to various malware infections. On Windows XP and Vista you have an Automatic Update feature that should be enabled at all times to ensure that all your Microsoft products are always up-to-date.
  • Exe files are used to install programs.  Therefore, if an exe error generates when you try to install a program you downloaded from the Internet, then chances are that the downloaded files are not complete. This usually happens if your Internet connection is slow or keeps getting disconnected repeatedly. This is the reason why, it is recommended that you download programs only from fast, reliable Internet connections.
  • Incorrect and corrupt registry may also generate exe errors. To prevent errors in this case, we recommended that you use an efficient and trustworthy registry cleaner tool to scan and clean your registry on a regular basis.

To help prevent computer errors from occurring in the first place, we recommended that you be a vigilant user and be careful about the web sites you access, software you download and emails you receive—avoid opening anything that looks dubious.