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Broadcom Supporting H.265

Broadcom is one of the first adopters of this new video standard. H.265 also known as MPEG-5, mp5, and HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) is a new standard for video that is going to offer several great features.

The first feature that H.265 is going to offer is the ability to stream H.264 content, in the same quality it is currently streamed at, but at half the bandwidth. This is a huge step forward as the video is able to be streamed at the same quality on your devices as before but it will cut the space used up on your internet connection by half!

The second new feature is that it supports UltraHD which has also been called 4k over the past year. What this does is quadruples the number of pixels within an image making for a much crisper image even on very large screens, such as the ever growing in size televisions we keep seeing.

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