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France is Considering Charging Google for Network Usage

The French government is beginning to look into charging web companies like Google to pay for the bandwidth they use. They are having trouble keeping up the hardware that the Internet in France runs off of. They are looking for relief from web companies like Google to invest in the networks that carry their traffic.

They state that “web companies generate so much traffic without having to invest in the infrastructure that carries it…” What solutions do Internet Providers have when faced with content providers who use their networks but do not invest in them?

France must look to the rest of the modernized world for their answer instead of looking for a handout. A good example they could learn from would be Verizon. They were unable to keep up with the bandwidth requirement, so what did they do? They took away unlimited Internet access and charged their customers different rates depending on how much data they use. Internet Service Providers rely on their customers to upgrade their hardware.