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Canvio Portables Released!

Toshiba has just released their new portable hard drive lineup that is mainly used for easy to use computer backups.  This USB drive weighs in at only 6.3 ounces, and stacks up to be 3.1 inches wide and 4.7 inches long.  Five colors and four storage capacities are currently available which include: 500GB, 640GB, 750GB, and 1TB which start out at $120 and goes to $200.  The drives comes pre-loaded with Windows NTI BackupNow EZ software which allows users to make backups of their system and/or files, as well as better file searching and a simple solution to restore “lost” or deleted files.  The option to completely backup your Windows system, allowing users to restore selected files even if Windows becomes corrupt and will not start is probably my favorite feature.  Way to go Toshiba!