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Mobility: Data Surpasses Voice

So I was reading at one of my favorite tech blogs and came across a very interesting milestone the mobile industry, not for all but most mobile phone companies will soon be approaching.  During the CTIA Wireless show in Las Vegas, CEO of Ericsson Hans Vestberg said, “voice traffic accounts for about 140,000 terabytes of data (1 terabyte = 10024GB) sent through wireless networks every month.  For the first time, though, data transmissions are ahead of that”, though Vestberg did not say by how much.  Basically cell phone users abroad are spending more of their time with their phones in front of them, rather than up to their ears making phone calls.  We could see a change in the “unlimited” data days, since mobile operators make most of their margins on voice traffic, but with it withering away, structures for data plans may change, especially when the 4G and LTE networks are fully deployed.