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Intel To Pay $15 For Pentium 4 CPUs

Without admitting any real wrongdoing, Intel has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit alleging that the Santa Clara chip maker manipulated benchmark scores for its first-generation Pentium 4 processors. The suit also alleges that Hewlett-Packard helped Intel fudge its scores in order to cover up "pervasive design flaws" resulting in "dismal" performance compared to…

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AMD 5GHz Processor

AMD is known for it's fast processors unveiled its new 5GHz eight core processor which it claims to be world's first commercially available 5GHz processor. The FX-9590 will use the Piledriver micro-architecture and AM3+ socket so it will fit most modern day motherboards. AMD once again shows its competitive side against Intel, back in 2000 AMD was…

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