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Chromebook Pixel LTE Owners Lose Free Data Plan

??????Stand back; Verizon has the masses in an uproar over yanking free data plan from Google Chromebook Pixel owners.

When the Pixel was originally announced, buyers were promised 100MB of Verizon data free each month for 2 years. However, some Pixel owners recently noticed that they were losing their free data before the 2 years were up.

Google said that a $150 Visa gift card is available to the affected Pixel owners. “While this particular issue is outside of our control, we appreciate that this issue has inconvenienced some of our users.” Users that are affected by the Pixel problem should contact the Play Store support center.

Verizon in the meantime has said that the whole thing is a misunderstanding that will be remedied. “We do understand that a very small number of Chromebook Pixel customers may have had a promo end prematurely. We apologize for this, and will work with these customers to address the situation,” a Verizon spokesperson explained.

100MB of free data may not seem like a huge deal to some, quite a few Pixel owners were blowing their top about losing their free data after spending nearly $1500 on the LTE-enabled Chromebook.  Pixel owners don’t worry too much, Google and Verizon responded fairly quickly, and it sounds like all will be right shortly.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)