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NASA – Sounds From Space

galaxy in a free spaceNASA Releases Sounds From Space On SoundCloud

NASA recently released over a half-century of sounds on SoundCloud. The U.S. space agency recently created a SoundCloud page to reveal some of the most unusual sounds ever recorded.

Sounds in space are stifled by a vacuum, but scientists have discovered ways of capturing noise using special instruments on the Voyager space probe that convert electromagnetic vibrations into sound.

The recordings include sounds of Saturn’s rings, Neptune, Jupiter, and Uranus, as well as what Earth would sound like millions of miles away. The files also contain sounds of shuttle launches and famous quotes from astronauts.

Here are seven of NASA’s most interesting uploads:

“Saturn Radio”
“Interstellar Plasma”
“Sonified Starlight”
“Eerie Enceladus”
“A Giant Leap”
“Lift Off”

Some of NASA’s files might sound familiar to gamers. Microsoft revealed that ambient audio for the original Xbox is “public domain audio from NASA transmissions from the Apollo days that we tweaked for that sound.”

NASA currently has released 63 sound files on its SoundCloud page. Several of the most historic and mind-bending moments from the past 50 years of space exploration are included in this selection.

Now, you decide: are we looking at Billboard Top 100 material here?

(Image source: iCLIPART)