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Customizing-Hacking Mobile Phones

While many people are completely content with their phones the way they come, many tinkerers like to customize their phones. Not only can the outside of your phone be customized with various accessories but the software on a phone can be edited and customized as well. There are many different features on a phone that can be customized from the wall papers on the phone, to the way your phones operating system displays applications, to the screen resolution, and the list goes on and on.

Enabling wireless features is just one of the many things that can be modified on phones provided you know what you’re doing. While it is possible to do this on your phone there are many reasons why it’s not the best idea to do so. One reason is that as mentioned earlier you void your phones warranty when you put custom software on it. The other reason is that if you adjust settings too far from what the device can handle, say over clocking the processor too far, you can actually damage the hardware and make the device unusable.

Some of the things that can be edited however not only void your phones warranty but can land you in hot water if you are caught. Many phones nowadays offer the ability to become a wireless hotspot for other devices to connect to. While using this feature on your phone via the provided software is ok since you have to pay for the services once you activate this feature, rooting your phone and modifying it to use these features without paying for them can get you into trouble if caught.

While there are many legitimate reasons to modify your phone, like you just want the vendors junk software/games off of it that you don’t use, your best bet is to purchase the phone that fits your needs best to begin with rather than trying to modify one and risk a lot of different consequences.

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