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AMD 5GHz Processor

AMD is known for it’s fast processors unveiled its new 5GHz eight core processor which it claims to be world’s first commercially available 5GHz processor. The FX-9590 will use the Piledriver micro-architecture and AM3+ socket so it will fit most modern day motherboards. AMD once again shows its competitive side against Intel, back in 2000 AMD was the first to break the 1GHz barrier by releasing the 1GHz Athlon chip to the general public in May.

AMD also unveiled it’s other Processor along with the FX-9590, the FX-9370 which offers a core clock speed of 4.7GHz. (Note that both processors offer these top clock speeds in the Max Turbo mode). AMD has said these new Processors will deliver a new level of experience in both gaming and multimedia content. AMD still has yet to list the pricing of both of these Processors. The FX-9590 and 9570 will initially be available for pre-built PCs in the summer, the chips will be sold separately later on.

Currently Intel has not made any mention of a Processor to compete with the FX-9590 but we are surely expecting it to be soon. Internet speculations say benchmark tests will be out soon against Intel’s Haswells CPU.