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Cyber-Criminals More Alive Than Ever!

In a recent study conducted by PandaLabs ( they have collected data and the numbers are scary!  More than 57,000 malware infected websites are put out on the Internet each and everyday.  Sites like Ebay, Amazon, and Western Union related sites are making up for most of the numbers, and the sites where credit cards accounts and PayPal accounts have seemed to be the target over the last couple of years.  If you’re making online purchases from your personal computer, be sure to go directly to the URL web address, and don’t rely on search engines to get you to your pages.  Google, Yahoo, Bing, and several others are making efforts by changing the indexing algorithms, they are still unable to bring down the huge number of users being effected by these malicious sites being made available!  Come see the Tech Experts if you think you may be at risk!