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Easy Installations with Ninite

If you have not heard of Ninite yet it is a multi-application installer. To get started with Ninite you can go to their website  and then check the boxes of the applications that you wish to install. They have many of the popular applications such as Adobe Reader, Chrome, FireFox, GIMP, OpenOffice, and so much more. Once you are finished simply select download. Ninite will now install your selected applications with out any prompts or downloading additional software such as the tool-bars that are embedded in the original install files. Ninite will also download the application that corresponds to the architecture of your machine.

They have just made their service better by adding the open-source classic shell program to the list for Windows 8. This makes the classic start menu easy to install for just about anyone who knows how to navigate the Internet. This will aide in helping users not download viruses and also help them use familiar settings on the new Windows 8 operating system.