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Firefox: New and Improved

c743773_sFirefox drops Google and goes with Yahoo.

Firefox 34 has been released and it’s Googleless. That’s right — with the new upgrade, Mozilla has decided to make Yahoo its default search engine. But as any tweaker will tell you, it takes about 30 seconds to switch back to the Oh-So-Comfortable Google search engine. Don’t get me wrong, Yahoo engines will do OK, but when it comes down to it, Yahoo just doesn’t have the knowledge, graphs, and smarts that the Google engines do.

Extras included in this Firefox release are an improved search bar for United States users, the launch of WebIDE (which is now stable) and “Firefox Hello”.  If you’re excited about the browser-to-browser chat… well, calm down. Mozilla plans a slow release. Right now, only about 10% of the world’s Firefox users have the ability to use the built-in chat function. Why? Taking it slow means they won’t overload their servers.

This new update also brings a much needed security update/fix where SSL3 has been completely removed from the browser.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)