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Get Google Fiber Sooner

Google stated that they intend on expanding Google Fiber to many more communities. However this is taking more time than they anticipated. There are some major obstacles that have slowed down and prevented Google from expanding its fiber network. Most of the time spent getting access to City resources is dealing with permits.

You can get Google’s fiber network to your community sooner by taking measures into your own hands. Google has made a list of things they need in order to install fiber in your community.

First, they will need access to the existing power poles, ducts, and cable conduits. Google will come in and survey the existing equipment and they will pay a fair-market price for gaining access to the infrastructure.

Second, Google will need good maps to the city’s utilities. These maps should document water mains, gas lines, poles, conduits or any other utility that may complicate installations.

Third and lastly, they will need to be able to expedite construction permits. “When we build, we are submitting literally tens of thousands of permits. We work closely with the city to expedite that process. These are the things that have been consuming our teams’ time,” Lo said.

If you want to get Google to your community the steps are pretty straight forward, as long as your local municipalities are cooperative and have kept good notes on utilities.