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Google+ Becomes Google-

google+Google+, the very underutilized social network, is being dismantled and broken up into smaller services.

Bradley Horowitz, Google Product Vice-President, will be taking over the reins from David Besbris. Horowitz spent 5 years with Yahoo as a Senior Director of Media Search and then VP of Advanced Development before joining Google as Vice-President of Product for consumer applications.

Horowitz announced in his blog about his position within Google.

“Just wanted to confirm that the rumors are true — I’m excited to be running Google’s Photos and Streams products!  It’s important to me that these changes are properly understood to be positive improvements to both our products and how they reach users.”

Sundar Pichai, Senior Vice President at Google, announced at the BMWC that Google+ is being split off into two separate services: “One service will be a social layer, which basically means it will be like what Facebook and Twitter are now: things that people share with each other across Google service. The other service will be a stream consisting of shared photos.”

“Photos are a big use case,” Pichai is quoted as saying. “So we are going to say this is the stream now.”

This action wouldn’t be the worst thing that Google could do. Dragging Google+ to the trash bin (and right-clicking and emptying) is starting to look like the best bet for going forward.  For many users, the Google+ service was just too confusing and offered way too many features to learn.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)