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Google Lens: The Smarter Way To Store Your Photos

Google Lens: Searching Your Photos So You Don’t Have To

As someone who frequently takes pictures for the capture of information, I find myself from time to time swiping through pictures for that information. I know I took the picture of a modem and it has the default password and MAC address. I can trace who the information belongs to with a little work or if I immediately upload it where it’s supposed to go.

Now, this isn’t a big deal if you just took the picture. But what happens when you want to go back or when you realize some were forgotten? If you are like many, your phone has inadvertently become a storage place for thousands of photos. Going back to find something like this would be pretty tedious and, depending on the number of thousands, pretty time-consuming.

Google, using its Lens platform, is making it easier. Google has added the ability to search photos, as well as screenshots. The photos need to be in your Google photo library, so if they aren’t, start syncing your Android phone with Google photos.

While the ability to search is great in and of itself, rejoice mobile-dependent users. You can even use the Lens feature to copy and paste text from the photos and screenshots. If you aren’t already using your phone for easily access to information, you probably will soon. Google actually touts that one of the uses for the Lens feature is to be able to copy and paste complex WiFi passwords, something I mentioned using the camera for myself in the past.

Even without thinking of out of the box type applications and uses for Google Lens, just knowing that the ability to search and copy the text is one of the best feature upgrades I can think of.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)