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Google Updates to Brotli

BrotliLatest Chrome update to contain Brotli.

Google has announced that it has started to release the latest update for its Chrome browser. This update will contain their new browser compression tool, “Brotli.” The new algorithm will compress web pages by 26%, thus increasing your browsing speed.

Google first made the announcement last September: “At Google, we think that internet users’ time is valuable, and that they shouldn’t have to wait long for a webpage to load.” After all, “fast is better than slow.”

Google has made the new compression algorithm open source and available to the public. Mozilla has stated they will use the new algorithm in their Firefox browser.

As for technical specs, here’s a summary of advantages as released from Google:

  • Used in WOFF 2.0 web fonts with great success
  • Outperforms gzip for typical web assets (e.g. css, html, js) by 17–25%
  • Has an -11 density compared to gzip -9
  • html (multi-language corpus): 25% savings
  • js (alexa top 10k): 17% savings
  • minified js (alexa top 10k): 17% savings
  • css (alexa top 10k): 20% savings

(Image Source: iCLIPART)