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Cloud based Disaster Recovery is becoming an option.

Disaster recovery planning is important to all businesses. It is what allows you to conduct business after a disaster in a timely manner. I have seen businesses with no plans for disaster planning recover from a catastrophe, it was painful and expensive. Disaster recovery in the cloud is great because, DR requires a lot of time and work to setup locally. This usually requires a technician to be employed to test the backup systems. After all, what good is a backup system that you cannot recover from?

With a cloud based solution, you would have to pay for a subscription to the DR solution. Then you will have DR professionals handling your data and testing for recovery. Also having your DR in the cloud eliminates the initial cost of an on-site DR solution. This will also eliminate the time and cost to maintain your own hardware. Tech Experts Backup is able to provide DR for businesses today. We are able to plan out the best DR plan for you, and then monitor and maintain any backups taken.

There are still challenges to using disaster recovery in the cloud, such as if you backup to the cloud than you will require a good Internet connection to not interfere with conducting business. There are issues copying dynamic files such as replicated databases, this can rule out some businesses, and compliance can become an issue. Cloud based DR may not be ready for some regulatory standards such as HIPPA or SOX.