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High Speed Computer Chips Yet to Hit the Market

It’s truly amazing how far computer technology has come in the past few decades. We’ve gone from computers that took up an entire room to PC’s that can sit on your lap…not to mention the fact that the cell phones that can fit in the palm of your hand have more computing power than they did…

Micron (a micro chip manufacturing company) has developed a new technology that though may not be as amazing as the size difference between the old PC’s and those of today, but is impressive in its own right. They are in the testing stages of a new type of memory chip that they say will improve data transfer rates twenty times what is currently available.  This is a huge achievement because the current memory that is manufactured can only process data so fast due to a “memory wall”. This wall basically prevents any additional upgrades to be made to the current memory in regards to its speed.

The new Technology that Micron has developed obliterated that wall and will now allow, until now, unheard of data transfer rates between the CPU and the memory. This technology is still in its testing stages but will hopefully become available to the public in 2015 or 2016.