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Laptop or Netbook

Looking to buy a new computer but want something that’s portable? Well the choice used to be as simple as just going out to your local retailer and picking up a new laptop. Now a days however you have another choice, a netbook. Whether you choose to get a laptop or netbook is entirely up to preference (and what you’ll need it for of course) but to choose the best fitting product for your needs its best to get some background knowledge first.

Laptops are generally much more powerful. By this I mean they usually have better processors, more ram capacity, and a bigger hard drive, not to mention the fact that the keyboards are a normal size whereas netbooks have a significantly smaller keyboard.

If you’re looking to purchase a new “portable computer” then you need to determine what you’re going to be using it for. A netbook would work fine for word processing, browsing the internet, and checking emails. A laptop can be used for all of the above as well as gaming and more hardware intensive tasks. Need to burn a DVD or CD? Don’t look into a netbook; most netbooks do not come with disk drives…

All things considered it is completely up to you to decide what will suit your needs best just make sure to look into the details farther than just the price point.