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How Drones Are Changing The Skies

How Drones Will Change The World

Drones, also known as sUAS or quadcopters, consist of four or more rotors and range in size from slightly larger than a pack of cream cheese to large enough to carry a small animal across your yard.

Drones have the ability to shape many different industries, including professional fields (like search and rescue/public service, aerial imagery, construction, mapping), and can appeal to the average citizen as well.

In order to operate a drone as a business or for commercial use, you’ll need to study the rules of the sky and pass a certification from the FAA. After you complete all those steps and have your ID, then you can start building a business and making money from your drone.

You can either take photos and sell them or use your drone to map an area for construction, inspection of buildings, bridges, power-lines, cell towers, etc. The possibilities are endless! Whichever way you decide to point your drone in, you’ll need insurance.

Saving Lives

Within the last 5 years, drones and RC controlled aircraft have been used in search and rescue missions. With the added powerful tool of FLIR (thermal imaging), you can spot a missing person, such as a hiker or an elderly family member that wandered off from home. There have been a few incidents locally where law enforcement and public safety officials have reached out to local drone companies for help.

Something To Keep Up On

Drones and their uses are constantly evolving due to the growing popularity of the devices. As the popularity increases, innovation will continue chugging along, resulting in even more applications.

Whether you are into them or not, drones have the potential to change and save lives when equipped with the right tools and with the right training. The key is to learn and follow the guidelines and keep the industry healthy. The sky truly is the limits. Well, up to 400′ anyway.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)