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Medicine Delivered by Drones

Look to the sky for your next prescription. Your delivery may be by drone. A rural clinic located in Virginia is receiving its medication stocks via drone delivery. The clinic, which operates only one weekend a year and sees more than 3000 people during that time, is located deep in the backcountry of Virginia. The medication…

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How Drones Can Be Used In The Future

Drones could be the next major tech revolution to sweep the world and these robotic flying machines are now being used for purposes that extend far beyond the secretive realm of the military. Photographers have lofty dreams of using drones to capture stunning aerial views and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos nabbed headlines when he introduced the…

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Facebook Frees Their Internet Drone

Facebook’s efforts to spread Internet connectivity to nearly every person on the globe will get off the ground this summer. A new report from The Wall Street Journal indicates that Facebook’s prototype drone, Aquila, will be much larger than the one-tenth-scale drone that the company tested last year. The full-size model will have the wingspan of…

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