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I just can’t wait

I just love laptops. And I currently use a Netbook at work and love it. I have been watching and waiting for the latest.

Core i7 laptops are almost here and their performance will put any other laptop to shame.

Even though the Core i7 CPUs “only” use 45nm technology the awesome power of these quad core processors is unparallelled and in early 2010 we are going to see Core i7 laptops with the upcoming 32nm dual-core versions.

Core i7 laptops will ship with 3 versions of the CPU:

1.6 GHz i7-720QM

1.73 GHz i7-820QM

2.0 GHz i7-920XM

All the versions have built-in dynamic overclocking (Turbo Boost) which means that a Core i7 laptop can boost the the performance of one of the CPUs cores significantly.

The 1.73 GHz version can boost one of it’s cores to 3.06 GHz. The CPU will automatically adapt to whatever it is currently being used for. It can boost one core depending on the number of applications being executed at any given moment and whether the applications are single or multi threaded. This is a terrific feature in the Core i7 laptops since it will help reduce power consumption from the battery.