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When iPhone X Sells, Samsung Wins. Again.

Oiphone xh, Boy! Another iPhone!

The buzz around a new iPhone is seemingly never ending and the comparisons to the latest Samsung S series phone is inevitable.

People have their preferences and, honestly, that’s a big part of what it comes down to. Because, let’s face it, humans are creatures of habit.

It’s unlikely that I, as a fan of Samsung and the Android operating system, can convince you, the iPhone user, to make a switch this time around. You’ve been an iPhone user for years, after all.

So what if I told you that, after the iPhone X release, that Samsung will still come out on top?

What? Why?

Good questions, and the answer is simple.

Samsung is the only component supplier large enough to supply Apple with oLED displays and NAND flash memory chips. So what does that mean? A lot.

Samsung is selling raw parts to Apple and stands to make about $110 for every iPhone X sold. Total sales of the iPhone X are expected to reach 130 million or more. Do the math and Samsung looks to make about 14 billion dollars off of the newest iPhone.

These numbers are crazy. And even crazier when you consider that Samsung’s iPhone profits will beat out the profits it will make on the Galaxy S8.

Samsung makes about $202 on every S8 it sells, but it will move less than the 130 million iPhone units. Samsung will likely sell around 50 million units, good for about 10 billion in profit.

iPhone users can look at these numbers and, rest assured, they are using the most popular phone line in the world. While Samsung would love to take over the number one selling phone spot, the 14 billion dollars they will make from iPhone sales is a solid consolation prize.

(Image source: iCLIPART)