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Slow iPhone? Apple Is The Culprit

Recent news has emerged from a statement Apple had made. They claimed that they released software updates that intentionally slowed down older devices. This caused an uproar, and rightfully so, but how can you fix your now sluggish old iPhone and why are they slowing it down? Apple's Reasoning: Batteries Apple claims that their reasoning for…

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Apple Shopping Around

Many people regard Apple as one of the best hardware developers ever, but what those people do not realize is that Apple gets a large amount of their technology from other vendors. Apple, in recent months, has begun shopping around it would seem for new chip developers and even toying with the possibility of designing…

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Fingerprint Free Screens

Did the title catch your attention? Well you like many other people around the globe all have the same problem…Mobile device screens are always covered in fingerprints! To solve this problem, or remedy it anyhow, most people resort to just wiping their device clean on clothing only to have the fingerprints right back on the…

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