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Just because it walks like a duck…

I know how easy it is for me to fall prey to ” Hey, Tech Experts can you take a look at my computer?” Being a tech, you long to show the world how good you are, but be careful. A simple hardware problem can look like an infection, and a serious infection can appear to be a hardware failure.

A co-worker of mine has proved this point to me more then once. The first thing he does is check the hardware. He does a hard drive test and test the RAM before he proceeds with any type of scanning.

I have been impressed on more then one occasion that his testing has proved that the drive or the RAM is failing. Sometimes we get caught up in chasing viruses and fail to realize that perhaps this computer is NOT infected. Take the advice of this experts guy, things might not be what they seem.

Approach each problem with a plan of attack. Do not let your vision be clouded. Check the basics, then go from there. Do not think because a system is slow, it must be infected.

Just because it walks like a duck…….