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Please Don’t Google and Drive!

c18724_mEveryone knows that you should not use your phone and drive, but now the new phenomenon might be using Google Glass and driving.

Google Glass is a new wearable computer that attaches to a pair of glasses.  The very thought of the product can send a chill of excitement down the spine of any tech savvy individual. Cecilia Abadie, one of the numerous who have purchased Google Glass, received a ticket  for having the glasses on while driving.  The violation was soon discarded because there was no proof that the device was on or in use at the time the citation was given.  This scenario has caused quite an uproar.

Currently, eight states are proposing a bill to be passed that individuals using Google Glass while driving, should be against the law.  The inspiration behind the bill is that it can be just as, if not more dangerous, than using a cell phone while driving.  The eight states that are currently working on banning  these “bionic” bifocals are: Delaware, Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, West Virginia and Wyoming. Collectively, these states have a population of around 39 million people who could potentially endanger the nascent gadget.  Because this ruling may put an early end to its new project,  Google is lobbying against the legislators in order to prevent the anti- Glass law.

At the moment, no decisions have been made, but they will soon be forced to as Google Glass proves to be very useful.  However, when it comes to driving, it is just another dangerous distraction.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)