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Keep your (laptop) cool!

Boy has it been hot!

A client just bought their first laptop, and I have been worried about them not understanding how easy it is for one to overheat. Part of the problem is a lack of air flow: Cool air is pulled in through the sides or at the bottom of the machine and it is then pushed out the back.

If you use your laptop on your lap, a blanket or a cushion, you could potentially block these vents and cause the temperatures to soar. It’s not just hardware problems that can cause overheating. Software upgrades can also play a detrimental effect as newer operating systems demand more and more from the CPU (Central Processing Unit).

With ongoing background searches, file indexing, automatic updates and back ups, today’s laptops never stop working even when you do. Even if you use your laptop on a desk, the heat that builds up from beneath the machine still needs to be dispersed for temperatures to remain stable. So make sure to keep your cool, and your laptop cool as well.