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Lenovo Takes Superfish Face Slap

nuclear_explosionSuperfish pre-loads will cost Lenovo millions.

Lenovo is facing class action court cases for installing Superfish software on their products. A class action suit was filed against Lenovo and Superfish in US District Court, Southern District of California.  The suit charges both companies with “fraudulent” business practices, opening Lenovo computers to Malware and malicious attacks by pre-loading Superfish’s adware.

“We messed up badly here,” Peter Hortensius, Lenovo’s chief technology officer, previously said in an interview. “We made a mistake. Our guys missed it. We’re not trying to hide from the issue — we’re owning it.” Superfish, on the other hand, said in a statement that the company is “completely transparent in what our software does and at no time were consumers vulnerable.”

Lenovo stepped up and accepted responsibility for their role while Superfish is sticking to its adware guns, so it looks like they may fight the case.

Lenovo laptops affected by Superfish include non-ThinkPad models such as G Series, U Series, Y Series, Z Series, S Series, Flex, Miix, Yoga and ESeries.

Lenovo has released a tool that will remove all Superfish software as well as their security certificates from your system. Microsoft and McAfee have also released updates to their software that will target Superfish software and remove it.

(Image source: iCLIPART)