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Lightroom Free for Android

LightroomAdobe Lightroom is now free for Android users

Adobe has just released their full-featured Lightroom app as free to use to Android mobile users. There is no subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud needed to take advantage of the application.

The only drawback is that Lightroom does not come with the ability to sync files between your device and/or to Adobe’s cloud. To be able to sync, you would need a subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Basic packages start at $10 per month and also include Photoshop.

Lightroom still proves to be one of the most popular apps on or off the market for simple editing of photos. It comes with abilities such as adjusting¬†white balance, darkening the blacks, and removing shadows — just to name a few features.

Adobe has also brought their Premiere Clip, a video editing application, to Android users as well. Adobe hopes that by releasing their products free to use, it’s sure to attract more users, which might become Creative Cloud subscriptions once the user sees the benefits of the full packages available to them.

Admittedly, Android users thought this day was coming as Adobe made the same release for the iOS operating systems a few months back.

Download Lightroom here.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)