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Snowden on the Run

Edward Snowden has been on the run from the US government ever since releasing confidential information in regards to the US Governments practices of spying on its citizens via metadata collected from various ISP’s and Internet/Technology based companies. Snowden has requested asylum from many different countries since releasing this information and is supposedly on the run in Russia awaiting a flight to whatever country offers him asylum.

Snowden originally asked Russia for asylum but due to Pro-America comments made by Russia’s President Snowden has decided not take accept their offer. Snowden has been on the run after releasing information on programs the Government has in place code named “Prism” and the “2015 Program”. The US government has charged him with unauthorized disclosure of classified information and theft of government property.

Snowden’s charges can get him a maximum of 10 years in prison per count as well as a maximum fine of $250,000 per count.

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