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Microsoft Exchange 2010 – New Key Features

Software giant Microsoft releases yet another version of its email software known as Microsoft Exchange, with some key new features and functionality.  Microsoft claims this is hands down, its best release since the Exchange products have released.  Ranging from cost savings, to productivity increases, the newly designed package is setting the bar high in the market. There are several new features, here are some of my favorites!

1) Outlook Web Access (OWA) – Yes, the access of your exchange mailbox through a web based login, rather than from Outlook.  Now OWA has multiple browser supports, where in previous versions, users’ would run Internet Explorer in a Windows Virtual Machine if they were running a non-Microsoft operating system, but not any longer!

2) Mail Tips – Similar to what Google has with G-Mail.  Ever send an email on accident to the wrong person?  Well now Exchange will ensure that you are not doing so, and double, and even triple check that you want to send an email before you accidentally send that personal email to your boss. Finally!

3) Conversation View – Ever get involved in an email chain with lots of different people responding?  Well we all know these chains can become very irritating, and make reading them very hard, and sometimes even impossible with all that extra information.  Now you can have all your contacts in one place, on one node, like a chat room.

4) Sharing – Now you can share your contacts and calendars with co-workers, family, or friends with the click of a button.

5) Voice Mail Preview – By far one of my favorite new features.  You now can get a text preview of your voice mail messages to your email.  Not sure how good this feature is really going to work, but it sure sounds good!

If you want to learn about all the new and exciting features, just visit and download a free trial today!